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Short Cilp / 2014 / 1:50″

Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 Groups

…World Cup fever is back. Hope, struggle, and fun prevail. The media bonanza has gone wild. And, here goes a less audible cry from the wildlife:

 Will these species qualify for the next World Cup?!?

Writer and Director : Moin Samadi

Illustration : Mir M. Fattahi

Design : Hamidreza Shariat , Saeed Ghanizade

Composite : Sare Shafipour

Music : Milad Movahedi

Record and Mix : Kave Abedin ( Saba Studio)

Narration : Reza Kianian , Hamed Abdi

Executive Producer : Pooya Nikjou

Thanks to : Arash NoorAghaei,Morteza Eslami,Dena Ziyaei

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