Alvan : The Color!

Tv Commercial / 2013 / 30″

Tv Commercial for ALVAN Paint and Resin Production

This is the 2nd Episode of the Alvan’s  Tv commercials Based on the Interesting Valspar Tv Commercial Produced by The Mill about Two Chameleons Choosing color for their room.

This Project is just an Exercise to us .

Director : Moin Samadi

CopyWriters : Faeze Keshavarzian,Minoo JanMohamadi

Animation Supervisor: Ariasp Feiz, Kave Roeintan

Animators : Farzad Shamayel, Hesam Aghajani, K.Roeintan, Mahdi Taher

Render & Composite : Saeid Gholizade

Modeling : Homan Rahmati

Lighting TD: Saeid Gholizade

Background Designer : Saeed Ghanizade

Sound : Armin Bahari

Music : Milad Movahedi

Narration : Zohre Shokofande, George Petrosian

Thanks to : Payam Fard Moghadam, Yaser Azimbayk.

Watch it on Vimeo

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